ESDOFEquivalent Single Degree of Freedom
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For multidimensional MPA, which is applicable to the analysis of asymmetric-plan structures, the modal equivalent single-degree-of-freedom (ESDOF) system is actually subjected to the superposition of bidirectional earthquake excitations.
A new IMMPA idea is presented in the paper based on traditional MPA method: superposed bidirectional earthquake excitation acting on modal ESDOF system can be regarded as an unidirectional "combined earthquake excitation"; in pushover procedure, the static force replacing "combined earthquake excitation" is assigned to three components of each floor of a structure based on model of vibration.
In accordance with this idea, in solution of structural displacement response, it is required to input "combined earthquake acceleration" to modal ESDOF system in order to establish [R.sub.b] spectra and convert it to seismic demand spectra.