ESDTEmbedded Systems Development Tools
ESDTEmbedded Systems Development Tool
ESDTEarth Science Data Type
ESDTEuro Service Dépannages Toulousain (French home repair company)
ESDTEquivalent Single Dive Time
ESDTEastern Standard Daylight Time
ESDTElectrical Systems Design Technology
ESDTElectric Stud Drive Tool
ESDTExtended Structured Decision Table
ESDTEvaluating Software Development Tools
ESDTElectronic Services Development Team
ESDTEge Seramik Dýþ Ticaret AS (Turkish)
ESDTElementary Signal Detection Theory
ESDTElectrostatic Storage Display Tube
ESDTExaminer and Staff Development Team
ESDTEarly Supported Discharge Trialists (medicine)
ESDTÉquipements de Sécurité, de Défense, de Télécommunication (French)
ESDTElectrostatic Discharge Types
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ESDT on Thursday, May 30, 2002 to discuss this acquisition and answer questions.