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ESDUEngineering Sciences Data Unit
ESDUEnvironment and Sustainable Development Unit (est. 2001)
ESDUEuropean Security and Defence Union (EU)
ESDUEnhanced Stand-alone Display Unit
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Hookham, "Fatigue crack propagation rates and threshold stress intensity factor ranges for aluminium alloy sheet," ESDU Fatigue--Fracture Mechanics Series 2000-03, 2000.
In response to using HEC databases, the data shows that respondents sometimes use Science Online, Journals online, Elesvier(Science Direct) and Springerlink, while all others Willey - Blackwell Journals, Free Medical Journals, McGraw Hill Collections, American Association of Physics Teachers, Emerald, Nature Publishing, Royal Society, Cambridge University Press (CUP), American Institute of Physics, World Bank E-Library, Institute of Physics, Jstore, Ebrary, American Chemical Society, Taylor and Francis Journals, American Mathematical Society, Edinburgh university Press, Association of Computing Machinery, ESDU - Engineering solutions for Academia, Project Muse are seldom used, and American Physical Society is never used by them.
[5] ESDU 73031, "Convective heat transfer during cross flow of fluids over plain tube banks," Engineering Science Data Unit, London.
ESDU Process and Environmental Technology is a collection of guidelines, methods, software and training tools that provide solutions to problems encountered in the disciplines of process integration, heat exchange, water management, etc.
ESDU's Integrity software program provides a rapid and straightforward route for the design of heat exchanger networks in new plants, which will assist engineers in plant layout, controlling piping costs and the design of safer and more easily understood plants.
The action of katta iskiske-, "rubbing oneself down," with [I.sub.3], "oil/fat," is paralleled with the rubbing of oath-curses into the body, katta iskiyan esdu. The fact that the anointing is self-administered most likely reflects the conditional self-imprecation assumed by the one who takes the oath.
This is the result of a review by Engineering Science Data Unit (ESDU) (1998) and Heggs (1999) of empirical correlations.