ESECEuropean Software Engineering Conference
ESECÉcole Supérieure d'Études Cinématographiques (French: Graduate School of Film Studies)
ESECEye Surgery Education Council
ESECEmbedded Systems Expo & Conference (trade show)
ESECEn-Route Secondary Radar Beacon
ESECElectronic Surface Element Control
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Material examined: BRAZIL, BAHIA: Paulo Afonso, Estacao Ecologica Raso da Catarina, trilha principal em frente a casa I do ICMbio, proximo ao portao da ESEC, 09[degrees]39'0.
The ESEC is currently a protected area and fire, normally a common disturbance in cerrado areas, is infrequent.
5) Experimental results on benchmark datasets demonstrate that the proposed ESEC outperforms the existing SC methods, K-means clustering, and SEC and KSEC for in-sample clustering.
A preliminary exploratory study was carried out of the Serido ESEC and its immediate surroundings.
O primeiro trecho (0-500m) foi considerado no extremo norte da area (dentro da ESEC Taim) e o ultimo (35004000m) no extremo sul, fora da area da ESEC Taim (Figura 1).
The ESEC is a straightforward mechanical checklist method, which eschews evaluative or pejorative terminology and is relatively non-invasive (Miller et al.
ESEC provides scientific, engineering and technical services.
As happened at ESEC Murici, the population of this species seems to be very tiny at REV and the only two recorded males were collected at the site in the interior of the forest, as usually preferred by this species (see Tonhasca Junior et al.
guahybae, portanto, parece ser um taxon bem distribuido no territorio riograndense, ocorrendo em diferentes fisionomias e em gradiente altitudinal que varia de 3 m na APA da Lagoa Verde ate 984 m na ESEC de Aracuri.
The Board of Directors of ESEC (Cham, Switzerland, www.
This type of informal assessment technique has been successfully used in two university courses, ECLG 632 and ESEC 443 at California State University, San Bernardino.
Contract for the purchase of laboratory equipment - tender-1-2015 IPC / ESEC (electromyography system, mobile gas analyzer and detection glasses, identification and tracking of binocular retina).