ESEEEuropean Society for Ecological Economics
ESEEEconomic, Social, Environment, and Energy (analysis required by Oregon landuse planning program)
ESEEEgyptian Society for Earthquake Engineering (Giza, Egypt)
ESEEEvaluation System for Experiential Education
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The ESEE has suggested a series of hi-tech measures to fight tax evasion, such as connecting shops' cash registers online with the finance ministry, introducing electronic invoicing and digitalising fuel station pumps to combat smuggling.
One of the most important features of the ESEE is its level of representation.
The companies' main activity is classified by the ESEE using the NACE-CLIO R44 codes of modified sectorial classification (and the equivalent CNAE-74), which correspond to the eighteen sectors.
As the ESEE does not include questions in its survey about company profits but does include the necessary data to calculate them, the value of gross profit has been calculated.
The ESEE database only provides the code of the main business activity of each company, and so we have not been able to use the diversification indicators traditionally employed in the literature.
If our estimates are confirmed there will be further price increases on industrial products, fuel, food and drugs," ESEE said.
Greek importers and exporters alike are finding it difficult to do business with foreigners, the ESEE federation added, predicting that about 200,000 small-sized companies will be affected the most.
Lanfear doesn't dispute the potential for an ESEE decision to come down to a contest of public opinion.
So if the process gets to an ESEE analysis, Lanfear says, commissioners will already have decided the matter based on their opinions of the evidence.
Greece's ESEE retail federation estimates sales plunged a jaw-dropping 30 percent year-on-year in the run up to Christmas.
Next year will bring a deepening of the downturn in a market that is already on its knees," Vassilis Korkidis, chairman of Greece's ESEE retail body, told Reuters, predicting only a brief respite in clearance sales from Jan.