ESEMEnvironmental Scanning Electron Microscope
ESEMEmpirical Software Engineering and Measurement (International Symposium)
ESEMEuropean Society for Engineering and Medicine (est. 1992)
ESEMInternational Symposium on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement
ESEMEthernet Service Expansion Module
ESEMExperiment of Space Environment with Materials
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It is to be noted that with three successful and rapidly growing editions and more than 1100 delegates, 30+ participating countries, and an exceptional scientific program delivered by over 100 reputable local and international speakers, the ESEM is becoming the largest and best Emergency Medicine Conference in the Middle East.
ESEM micrographs of the collagen fibers revealed their fibrillar composition (Fig.
ESEM recognises the need of knowledge and skills that will be required by the emergency medical care providers, to attain this futuristic goal.
1 : ESEM micrograph of biofilm (a) Before 24 hours, magnification 1000x, (b) After 24 hours, magnification 5000x and (c) after 24 hours, 10 000 magnification
Most professional societies are not-for-profit, including ESEM, which sometimes acts as a restraint for some of the projects due to lack of funds,” commented Dr Al Memari.
1] it can be observed that alite is present locally in individual larger grains, as it is obvious also in the ESEM micrograph in Figure 1.
In future, the ESEM will also expand to include paramedics, emergency department nurses and essentially any staff who work in emergency and critical care departments.