ESENTExtensible Storage Engine Technology
ESENTExtensible Storage Engine (Microsoft)
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As he is struggling to find himself in the pr esent moment, Nathaniel hears a voice that tells him, "chile you working on his [God's] time now, not theirs [whites]--because honey this here's a rejoicing, jordan rolling train / hush i said 'cause you are confusing the misery of my history with the glories of our imperishably rugged cross" (153).
Baker, the experimenter in the pr esent study, had never before been an experimenter in a parapsychological study, so he had no track record, and he describes himself as neutral towards psi.
The authors compared rates of problem behavior in demand sessions when specific stimuli were pr esent v absent.
Using the entire volume for a graduate seminar course on 21st century biology and human values with professors from diverse disciplines pr esent to lead the discussion would be great fun.
In addition, nations were selected that would repr esent varying levels of economic development, based on factors such as per capita GDP and level of exporting, while remaining fairly similar across other commonly used socio-demographic criteria such as infant mortality, literacy rates and inflation rates.
The argument against apartheid is pr esent and clear in all the documents.
It is the passage of solids into the melt channel under starved conditions (at both screw speeds) that may be responsible for the few agglomerates pr esent early in the melt pool; the majority of agglomerates appear to form near the end of the melting zone.
Temporal abundance was measured as the mean plant density across 32 1 X 1-[m.sup.2] quadrats and over 18 years, and the temporal distribution was measured as the number of years that a species was pr esent during the long-term study.
The flow of grants from abroad, reported in the first two lines of Table I, are of particular interest because of the close relation to the variable F introduced in equation 15 and used to repr esent the imposition of fiscal austerity.
report against controls saying that "the mere mention of the report [ldots] before any meeting of petroleum scientific men is always sure to provoke a snicker that nothing will suppress and no matter how many of the bosses are pr esent either." [28] Here then was an issue that divided petroleum geologists and engineers from their employers.
In this passage, Greene situates the pr esent war in a very human past, one which, in its most ancient occidental documents, already chronicles repeated war, oppression, and lament.
The "exceptional circumstances" which prompted the International Tennis Federation's independent appeals committee to hand him only a loss of prize-money and ranking points has resulted in the ATP Players Council seeking a ban of two years - up from a pr esent 12 - for any player found guilty of using a Class One drug.