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ESEOExperimental Search Engine Optimization
ESEOEcole Supérieure d'Electronique de l'Ouest (France)
ESEOEuropean Student Earth Orbiter (satellite)
ESEOEarth Sciences Encyclopedia Online (Kluwer Online)
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The funds to pay these penalties do not come from the environmental funds managed by the ESEO.
The visit introduces the ESEO to key personnel of the MEDDAC and installation environmental programs (MEDDAC logistics, DPW HW manager, The Joint Commission team, resource management), provides formal training, assists with a facility walk-through with the ESEO, reviews EPR funding, coordinates waste analysis if necessary, etc.
All of this provides an effective assistance visit that equips the ESEO to oversee the program and ensures they are introduced to the key players so they may work as a team.
In turn, the ESEO can, at any time, contact the USAPHCR Region for support.
The ESEO and PM specialist conducted predeployment training and certification.
For the modular BCTs with an ESEO and a PM specialist, this was a daunting task.
The BCT ESEO and PM specialist should be augmented with another, more experienced PM specialist to ensure more thorough base camp coverage.
The division ESEO collaborated with other key staff sections such as division engineer (G-7), logistics (G-4), and Iraqi Security Forces to facilitate long-term, self-sustainable solutions to problems that had public health repercussions to Task Force Iron personnel.
The division ESEO served as the surgeon cell representative on the force protection working group.
Unit leaders on the ground were more receptive to a division-level assessment team with an ESEO (rank of Major) conducting a PM assessment.
Allowed the division ESEO to travel throughout the entire operational environment [a rare opportunity for division staff officers] and really understand issues the BCT PM teams were facing.