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ESEOExperimental Search Engine Optimization
ESEOEcole Supérieure d'Electronique de l'Ouest (France)
ESEOEuropean Student Earth Orbiter (satellite)
ESEOEarth Sciences Encyclopedia Online (Kluwer Online)
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'That's the exciting part-going home wet,' Eseo said.
'It's then just a 15-minute drive to [the adjacent towns of] Nagcarlan and Liliw, where tourists can shop for uraro (arrowroot cookies) or footwear,' Eseo said.
(1) Groupe ESEO, EMC Research Group, 10 boulevard Jeanneteau, 49107 Angers Cedex 2, France
Eseo Micro Pte Ltd, Biotech Equipment Division, Singapore Singapore
The Ministry of Culture has a system of 11 companies: Artex, Fondo Cubano de Bienes Culturales, Egrem, Juglar, Genesis, SIMAR, ESIC, ESEO, Caguayo, RECSA and Promusic.
But sitho I hadde hem hoolly in my hond, since And sith they hadde me yeveno al hir lond, given What sholde I taken keepo hem for to pleseo, care, please Buto it were for my profit and myn eseo ?
(3) Antes de entrar en la hipotesis de trabajo, eseo daclarar ciertos conceptos minimistas que son cruciales para el seguimiento de la misma.
The hospital reimburses DPW using environmental program requirement funds disbursed by the US Army Medical Command, and managed by the MEDDAC Environmental Science and Engineering Officer (ESEO).
The USAPHC Regions provide training to hospital personnel during assistance visits provided for the ESEO. Local classes are often mandated by the installation.
The author experienced transformation of division PM assets first hand when serving as the division environmental science and engineering officer (ESEO) in the Army's last remaining main support battalion, and then deploying to Multi-National Division North, Iraq with the restructured 1st Armored Division headquarters as the staff ESEO from September 2007 to December 2008.