ESEPEscola Superior de Enfermagem do Porto (Portuguese nursing school)
ESEPExploration Spatiale des Environnements Planétaires (French: Space Exploration of Planetary Environments)
ESEPEthics in Science and Environmental Politics (Journal)
ESEPElementary Science Education Partners (Atlanta, GA)
ESEPEngineer and Scientist Exchange Program (USAF)
ESEPEconomies, Sociétés et Environnements Préhistoriques (Aix-en-Provence, France)
ESEPExpert Systems Engineering Professional (professional certification; International Council on Systems Engineering)
ESEPEngineering Senior Executive Panel
ESEPEnvironmental Science, Engineering and Policy
ESEPEuropean System of Energy Planning
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Data collected observed ethical requirements and are a result of the data extracted in 2014 by Servicos Partilhados do Ministerio da Saude (SPMS) and provided to ESEP. No individual record was accessed, and no identification variable was included in the database subjected to analysis.
The memorandum is part of the project supporting the fight against undeclared work being implemented since May 2014 by a consortium led by ESEP Ltd.
GOB/IDB ESEP CW-S17--Estimated cost: Bds$ 1,080,700.--Construction: 6 months A pre-tender meeting will be held on Jan 29, 2008 at the Ministry of Education, Youth Affairs and Sports, Constitution Road in the Main Conference Room at 1100 hours.
The project at Emory is titled the ESEP or Elementary Science Education Partners Program.
Velasco, the valedictorian of the Engineering and Science Education Program (ESEP), closed her speech with an old-fashioned advice to her fellow graduates: "Never give up on yourself and on your dreams."
Barbados, with financing from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is implementing an Education Sector Enhancement Program (ESEP), with the primary goal of increasing the number of citizens who contribute to the social and economic development of Barbados.
He is said to have been the strongest candidate seen by ESEP with experience in economic development which made him the ideal candidate for handling European funding issues.
The Education Sector Enhancement Program (ESEP) will be implemented over a seven-year period, and will comprise four components: (1) civil works, rehabilitation and upgrading of schools; (2) teacher training; (3) institutional strengthening; (4) procurement and installation of hardware and software in the schools.