ESEVEscola Superior de Educação de Viseu (Portuguese graduate school)
ESEVEnte Scuola Edile Veronese (Italian: Veronese School Building Authority; Verona, Italy)
ESEVEndoscopic Sclerotherapy of Esophageal Varice (gastroenterology)
ESEVEntente Sportive Ecoyeux Vénérand (French sports club)
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the Moroccan kifi known to readers of Paul Bowles if not from personal experience), shakhtah (drag, from the Arabic), kreez (withdrawal symptoms, from the French crise), and Hebrew terms like etzba (finger) and esev (weed).
NS1 protein of none of the clusters was seen to have ESEV, EPEV, and KSEV as their terminal amino acid sequence, which are reported to be associated with increased virulence in influenza A (H5N1) virus.
Like Yehudit Hendel, they revisit the vanished homeland of Poland, and, as in David Schutz's Ha 'esev vehakhol (The Grass and the Sand, 19 78), they mix expressionism with the conventions of the family romance to patch the holes in personal memory and resurrect the repressed European past in Israeli collective memory.