ESEVEscola Superior de Educação de Viseu (Portuguese graduate school)
ESEVEnte Scuola Edile Veronese (Italian: Veronese School Building Authority; Verona, Italy)
ESEVEndoscopic Sclerotherapy of Esophageal Varice (gastroenterology)
ESEVEntente Sportive Ecoyeux Vénérand (French sports club)
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A/environment/Guangdong/GZ693/ Q G Q E D 2015 C, human isolates A/Shenzhen/1/2016 Q G Q K D A/ Guangdong /ZQ874/2015H5N6 Q G Q E D A/ Guangdong /SZ872/2015H5N6 Q G Q E D A/Shenzhen/1/2015 Q G Q E D A/Yunnan/14563/2015 Q G Q K D A/Yunnan/14564/2015 Q G Q K D A/Yunnan/0127/2015 Q G Q K D A/Guangzhou/39715/2014 Q G Q K D A/Changsha/1/2014 Q G Q E D D, human isolate A/Sichuan/26221/2014 Q G Q E N C, mammalian isolates A/swine/Guangdong/1/2014 Q G Q E D A/swine/Guangdong/2/2014 Q G Q E D A/feline/Guangdong/1/2015 Q G Q E D A/feline/Guangdong/2/2015 Q G Q E D NA NS ([paragraph]) del, 80-84 ([section]) Group, strain 59-69 42 del PDZ South Korea H5N6 subtype and closely related avian isolates A/Mandarin duck/Korea/K16-187-3/ Yes S Yes ESEV 2016 A/great_egret/Hong_Kong/00032/2016 Yes ?
92] in the NS1, which is associated with the high virulence of H5N1 subtype in 1997 (37,38), and all contained the "avian-like" PDZ-domain ligand ESEV (39).
The ESEV residues in the C-terminal and Asp92 of NS 1 were observed in the 2006 isolates and in viruses that have been isolated from Thailand, Vietnam, and People's Republic of China.