ESF12Emergency Support Function Energy (US FEMA)
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Thus from the above results it is seen that the peptides when tested in vitro through micro-dilution broth method at 500 ppm concentration , the inhibition of growth against Xap was greater than 90 per cent ([MIC.sub.90]) for the peptides D4E1, PEP11, ESF17, ESF5 and ESF12. Whereas for Xac, it was recorded in D4E1, PEP 11, ESF17, ESF5, ESF6, ESF1 and ESF12 peptides.
Among the nine peptides tested in vitro through paper disc method, D4E1 PEP-11 and ESF12 were the most effective against all pathogens viz.
ESF12 MASRAAGLAARLARLALR +4 0.54 Magainin 1.07 2.68 8.