ESFCEast Staffordshire Flying Club (UK)
ESFCEmployment and Skills Formation Council
ESFCEuropean Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry (conference)
ESFCEast Stroudsburg Football Club (East Stroudsburg, PA)
ESFCEssex Sunday Football Combination (England, UK)
ESFCEquivalent Specific Fuel Consumption (engine performance)
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Firstly, the ssSFC and eSFC of the same control strategy are different under different driving cycle.
Secondly, the ssSFC and eSFC of the real-time control strategy with ECMS are adjacent to those of the global optimal strategy, those of the simpler real-time control strategy are higher than those of these two strategies, and those of the rule-based control strategy are the highest.
Thirdly, the value of ssSFC for the same control strategy under the same driving cycle is quite close to the value of eSFC, which confirms the accuracy of the approach used for the evaluation of the equivalent factor.
The majority of women starting a venture obtain the money from personal savings, family loans or friends (Stanger, 1990, ESFC 1994) whereas men tend to obtain capital from external sources.
As mentioned in the literature review, women have been traditionally employed in the service industries (ABS cited in ESFC, 1994), and people tend to start up businesses in the industries in which they have work experience.