ESFRSEast Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (UK)
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Since that time, thousands of ESFR sprinkler heads have been installed in warehouses throughout the world.
Level 1 aerosol products can be protected by ESFR sprinklers up to 25 feet in a building up to 30 feet high.
FMRC has found that ESFR sprinklers can provide effective protection for certain arrangements of heavy-weight and medium-weight roll paper.
Now, FMRC has extended ESFR protection to 16-ft-high storage of wood pallets.
The results showed that ESFR sprinklers at 50 psi can protect cartoned expanded and uncartoned unexpanded plastics stacked up to 25 ft high in a 30-ft high building.
Much of the focus of ESFR testing remains on the various types and forms of plastics.
These ESFR applications represent a curve of growing knowledge that can change as research continues.
In contrast, the ESFR sprinkler operates in a fire suppression mode.
Unlike the ESFR, retrofitting with Large Drops may be as easy as replacing existing standard sprinklers.