ESFSEuropean System of Financial Supervision (EU)
ESFSFEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) Emergency Support Function #4 Structure Support
ESFSExpeditionary Security Forces Squadron (US Air Force)
ESFSEuropean Science Fiction Society
ESFSEarth Sciences for Society (International Year of Planet Earth; UNESCO)
ESFSExpandable Spinal Fusion System (orthopedics)
ESFSEngineered Safety Feature System
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With the massive adherence of nursing, the change of specialty of physicians and appointments of family doctors, family health coverage grew in a little more than a year from about 30% to 69.1%, with 549 eSFs.
(7), primary healthcare gained ground with the adoption of the Family Health Strategy (ESF), in the late 1990s.
SOW ENTERPRISE, a premium upgrade was released in 2018, which includes mobile app, ESF integration and performance snapshot including key metrics for tracking daily targets.
O estudo foi realizado no ano de 2011, em cinco escolas de ensino municipal da cidade de Limeira, com 143 escolares e sete enfermeiros das ESFs selecionadas.
Desde 1994 quando foram criadas (a epoca ainda como um programa de governo), as Equipes Saude da Familia (ESFs) foram ganhando dimensao estrategica e acabaram se constituindo a forma privilegiada de organizacao desses servicos.
The EBA was established on 1 January 2011 as part of the European System of Financial Supervision (ESFS) and took over all existing responsibilities and tasks of the Committee of European Banking Supervisors.
Together these would form the European System of Financial Supervision (ESFS) (refer to figure 1 and 2 in appendix for comparison).23
No entanto, no cotidiano de algumas ESFs, evidencia-se que o acolhimento e entendido como uma atividade cuja terminalidade e a consulta medica, exprimindo a adocao de uma concepcao reduzida, focada na organizacao da oferta do servico medico (22, 25-28, 30).
Chen, "Image categorization using ESFS: a new embedded feature selection method based on SFS," in Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems, J.
To handle possible future problems, the EU established the European Financial Stability Facility (ESFS), which was basically a limited rescue fund endowed with 440 billion Euros and scheduled to complete its operations by the mid 2013.