ESGPEmergency Shelter Grants Program
ESGPEnvironmental Science Graduate Program (academics; various schools)
ESGPEuropean Society of General Practice (World Organization of Family Doctors publication)
ESGPEarth Science Geostationary Platform
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Our empirical analysis is based on Italy, which provides an interesting case as it joined the EMU in 1999, in spite of a stock of public debt of around 113% of nominal GDP (against the 60% level required by the Maastricht Treaty), and whose public accounts are often under scrutiny for struggling to comply with the ESGP, (2) as well as for subsequent downgradings of its sovereign debt by the main credit rating agencies.
The ESGP, signed in 1999 and revised in 2005, reinforces the 3% ceiling for the government deficit of member countries, establishing an excessive deficit procedure for violations of the rule.