ESHETEuropean Society for the History of Economic Thought
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The present paper is a greatly revised version of the ones presented at the 2008 HES Conference and the 2011 ESHET Conference.
In any case, doubts remain (and were forcefully expressed to Weintraub at the Porto ESHET conference in April 2006) as to just how large and how friendly these other tents will turn out to be.
My last meeting with him was at Treviso in 2004, from which I recall in particular a wait in the rain for a coach which would take us into nearby Venice for the opening reception and an exhibition in the context of the ESHET Conference for that year.
Roy Weintraub's keynote address at the 2006 ESHET conference in Porto was profoundly pessimistic, reporting the disappearance of history of thought courses from PhD programmes in all leading US universities other than Duke (Weintraub 2006).
The authors would like to thank participants at the 2004 ESHET conference (especially Riccardo Bellefiore), Richard Sheldon, participants of the Interdisciplinary Seminar Series at City University, London 2004, the Individual and Society Seminars at Birkbeck College, London 2004, and participants at the Association of Heterodox Economists Conference, London 2005.
This was in fact the theme for the 5th ESHET Conference held in Darmstadt (Germany), 22-25 February 2001.
The next five cover the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, including Marshall (chapter 5), the German hyperinflation (chapter 7), the two-interest-rate model (chapter 8) and the Austrian and Stockholm schools (chapter 9); chapter 6 reprints Laidler's provocative opening lecture at the 2001 ESHET conference in Darmstadt, where he used the example of bimetallism to demonstrate that the Quantity Theory was not always a doctrine for conservatives.