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While it is commonly believed that academic dishonesty occurs more frequently in online courses compared to face-to-face courses, a review of the literature has shown this to be a fallacy (Black et al., 2008; Beck, 2014; Eshet et al., 2014; Grijalva et al., 2006; Spaulding, 2009; Stuber-McEwan et al., 2009; Watson & Sottile, 2010).
And I think that these are her titles, [that is why] it is said that Deborah was "a woman prophet and woman of torches" (eshet lapidoth).
These perceptions play a role in contributing to the environments within which new literacies are formed for older persons, and contribute to social, psychological, economic and pragmatic factors (Eshet, 2004) and resultant motivations (Sourbati, 2009; Tsatsou, 2011) and engagement with ICT.
Both expressions, eshet zenunim [wife of whoredom] and yaldei zenunim [children of whoredom] are unique to Hosea.
Konen E, Goitein O, Sternik L, Eshet Y, Shemesh J, Di Segni E.
(2012): "Import substitution and economic growth in Argentina during the postconvertibillty regime", paper presented at: Core and Periphery Countries: Lessons from Economic History and the History of Economic Thought" European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET), November 21-23, 201 2.
"Deposit growth has been very strong at Wells Fargo, and has outpaced loan growth and loan demand," said Mary Eshet, a spokeswoman.
Exhibitors participating this year from the region currently include Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Jordan Tourism Board, Oman Ministry Of Tourism, Qatar Tourism Authority, Egypt Tourist Authority, Pacific World Dubai & Middle East, Across Morocco, TipTours -- WOI Morocco, Abercrombie Kent Middle East, Dakkak Tours International, Emeco Tourism -- Euromic Emirates, Eshet Incentives & Conferences, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas, Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai, Grand Hyatt Dubai, Hilton Convention Centre and Dead Sea Resort and InterContinental Jordan.
"Hans Mayer, rearguard of the Austrian school", Paper presented at the Annual Conference of ESHET, London-Kingston.
As ritual studies scholar Catherine Bell argues, ritual can be seen "as a particularly effective means of mediating tradition and change, that is, as a medium for appropriating some changes while maintaining a sense of cultural continuity." (11) Feminism in Jewish Renewal has undergone substantive change over the decade and more I have spent following the movement, and the evolution of the Eshet Hazon/Women of Vision ceremony crystallizes some of these changes.