ESHSEuropean Society for the History of Science
ESHSEl Segundo High School (California)
ESHSExcelsior Springs High School (Excelsior Springs, MO)
ESHSEast Side High School (Newark, New Jersey)
ESHSEspoir Sportif de Hammam-Sousse (French)
ESHSElanora State High School (Gold Coast, Australia)
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Table 1 IFC Operations Evaluation Group (OEG) 2001-2004 Annual Reviews Evaluating Development and Rate of Return Outcomes Compared with Environmental, Social, and Health and Safety (ESHS) Requirements 2001 2002 2003 2004 1993- 1994- 1995- 1996- 1995 (a) 1996 (a) 1997 (a) 1998 (a) Operations reviewed Number 171 194 202 217 As percentage of total -- 56 56 58 operations approved in the period Percentage of reviewed operations With high development 42 40 41 46 and high return outcomes That met or exceeded 66 62 64 66 their ESHS standards That were rated 4 6 Not Not unsatisfactory on disclosed disclosed their ESHS standards Sources: IFC, Annual Review of IFC's Evaluation Findings: OEG Findings (Washington, DC: IFC, 2002), pp.
Of these schools, 668 were targeted ESHS schools, translating to a 70% participation rate.
From 1997 to 1999, 53 school districts and 10 Boston "clusters" worked with the consultant schools in developing their programs, using the ESHS requirements as a model.
This act resulted in funding 66 ESHS and 11 ESHSC, providing consultation to 85 school districts.
CMSA or the Project ) consisted of an extensive desk review of the environmental, social and health and safety (ESHS) impact and risk assessments, environmental licenses, and the preliminary environmental, social, and health and safety management plans and procedures (ESMPs) developed for the project to date, as well as those ESHS studies, plans and procedures developed for the whole port complex by the Manzanillo Port Authority (APIMAN - AdministraciEn Portuaria Integral de Manzanillo, S.
The ESIA includes related ESHS management plans (ESMP).