ESIFEmergency Services Interconnection Forum
ESIFEuropean Solar Industry Federation (now European Solar Thermal Industry Federation; Brussels, Belgium)
ESIFEarly Stage Investment Forum (Northwest Entrepreneur Network)
ESIFEast Sussex in Figures
ESIFEnvironmental Services Investment Fund (New South Wales, Australia)
ESIFElectrical Stimulation-Induced Feeding (feeding behavior research)
ESIFEnergy Systems Integration Facility (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
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In his opinion on the Guidelines on the application of the measures linking the effectiveness of the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) to sound economic governance , adopted at the CoR's plenary session yesterday, Bernard Soulage (FR/PES), vice-president of the Rhone-Alpes Regional Council, pointed to the direct implications of this contradiction, namely that the ESIF representing the biggest source of EU investment funding will become much less reliable and effective.
A draft ESIF strategy with five key objectives has been put together by the North East LEP, which will now begin a consultation process with local businesses, community and voluntary groups, authorities and business agencies until December this year.
The new ESIF programme combines the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF).
The North East LEP will use the ESIF funds towards local, national and European priorities for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
The ESIF PS5million is made up of contributions from the nine authority members, Royal Bank of Scotland and the European Regional Development Fund.
While the ESIF can provide funding, it doesn't negate the need for matched funding from other sources, be that a bank loan, from directors/owners or the private sector.
The ESIF can provide up to 50 per cent of the required amount in line with other sources of public funding.
This procurement exercise is in anticipation of any ESF, ESIF, BIS, ERDF, or DWP funding becoming available within the next year.
Synergies with national and local bodies, and with managing authorities in charge of ESIF, will expand the scope and impact of IPERION CH in terms of competitiveness, innovation, growth and jobs in ERA.
The CING has recently established a Translational Facility infrastructure, through the ESIF and Norway grants, that will be producing a substantial amount of genomics and proteomics data.
ESLP"), ESIF Commercial Trust 1 ("Commercial Trust"), Energy Savings (Manitoba) Corp.