ESIMSElectrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
ESIMSESARR Implementation Monitoring and Support (Eurocontrol)
ESIMSEngineering & Services Information Management System
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Aeysha Sultan (074-141-Ps4-435) and IRSIP award (UNSW, Sydney, Australia) and financial assistance for ESIMS, EIMS and NMR- analyses.
13]C NMR and ESIMS with the reported data (Guantai et al.
After affinity capture of biotinylated conjugates and clean-up by multiple washings, the biotinylated conjugates are displaced from the beads with excess free biotin, and the final wash solution is directly analyzed by ESIMS.
ESIMS has been successfully applied to the quantification of this glucose addition to Hb as a measure of HbA1c (6).
We therefore assessed the reliability and precision of the measurement of HbA1c by ESIMS, in particular its potential for total automation, in a study that lasted several months.
Blood analysis by ESIMS was carried out anonymously and in accordance with the ethical regulations of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.
Nevertheless, the close correlation between the ESIMS results and the results obtained with other techniques imply that the assumptions are not unreasonable.