ESIMSElectrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry
ESIMSESARR Implementation Monitoring and Support (Eurocontrol)
ESIMSEngineering & Services Information Management System
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ESIMS has been successfully applied to the quantification of this glucose addition to Hb as a measure of HbA1c (6).
We therefore assessed the reliability and precision of the measurement of HbA1c by ESIMS, in particular its potential for total automation, in a study that lasted several months.
Blood analysis by ESIMS was carried out anonymously and in accordance with the ethical regulations of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.
Nevertheless, the close correlation between the ESIMS results and the results obtained with other techniques imply that the assumptions are not unreasonable.
Comparison of the overall glycation determined by ESIMS and an ion-exchange chromatographic procedure showed good agreement (Fig.
The [beta]-glycation values determined by ESIMS (y) show good agreement (Fig.
In these reports, ESIMS was used to identify components obtained during chromatography, i.
It is nevertheless interesting that there is such close agreement between our procedure for whole-blood analysis of the percentage of [beta]-chain glycation by ESIMS and the DCCT-aligned values obtained by high-performance ion-exchange chromatography.
The notion that the ESIMS technique is too sophisticated and/or expensive for most routine clinical laboratories may be an erroneous supposition.
In conclusion, we have confirmed that accurate and reliable quantification of HbA1c is possible by ESIMS in a routine environment.