ESINElastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing
ESINEconomic Sentiment Indicator
ESINEuropean Small Islands Network
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The remaining studies all used a single type of nailing material: K-wires (4,8,14) or ESIN.
5) However, previous literature has shown that ESIN has no definite advantage over stiff material, such as K-wires.
Prospective ESIN (Nancy) 7 radius only 2013 (16) randomized 6 ulna only controlled trial 11 both bones Houshian and Prospective ESIN (Nancy) 17 radius Bajaj, 2005 (17) 3 ulna Yung et al.
sup][35] compared the outcomes using ESIN and plate fixation; although there was no statistical difference because of small sample size, they still claimed that the application of ESIN was safer, less invasive, and caused fewer complications than plate fixation.
sup][36] analyzed the biomechanical characteristics involved in TEN fixation and reconstruction plate fixation for mid-shaft clavicular fractures, presented by biomechanical finite element analysis, showed that reconstruction plates and ESIN yielded similar functional results, time to union, level of postoperative pain, and patient satisfaction rates.
There are several types of fractures that can occur in long bones; however, the ideal fractures for the ESIN are transverse or short with minimal comminution.
Typically the ESIN is inserted into the femur retrograde.
Advantages of the ESIN include earlier mobilization and increased rate of return to function compared with nonoperative methods.
Ambas as analises indicaram ausencia de distribuicao normal e portanto foi utilizada a metodologia de Modelos Lineares Generalizados (GLM) (McCullagh e Nelder, 1989), e para os casos das variaveis ESIN e OPNE, aplicouse a extensao dos GLM correspondente as equacoes lineares generalizadas (GEE) (Liang e Zeger, 1986) para a variavel TEA, atraves de uma analise longitudinal, que considera o periodo 2000-2005.
Em quanto a visao de permanencia dos negocios, medida pelo ESIN, a resposta e inversa a OPNE, sendo que o Brasil apresenta um valor superior ao do Mexico e da America Latina.
Because of early weight bearing, rapid healing and minimal disturbance of bone growth, ESIN may be considered to be a physiological method of treatment.
Use of ESINs for definitive stabilization of femoral and tibial shaft fractures in children is a reliable, minimally invasive, and physeal-protective treatment method.