ESIPEcosystem Indicator Partnership
ESIPEarth Science Information Partner
ESIPEmergency Services Insurance Program (emergency vehicle operators course)
ESIPEngineered Sharps Injury Protection (bloodborne pathogen safety programs)
ESIPElementary Science Integration Project
ESIPEsslinger Innovationspartner (Esslingen, Germany)
ESIPEmbedded Computer Resources Support Improvement Program
ESIPEnhanced SINCGARS Improvement Program
ESIPEmployee Stock Investment Plan
ESIPEngine Structural Integrity Program
ESIPEngineering in Support of Items in Production
ESIPEjection Seat Improvement Program
ESIPEquipment and Supply Issue Point
ESIPEscape System Improvement Program
ESIPEight Step Instructional Process (education)
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The bank developed service standards based on ESIP findings and increased opportunities for reward and recognition.
It is also the County%s intent, subject to independent third party verification of the ESP, and the County%s review and approval thereof, to authorize the ESCO to implement the ESP through an ESIP in accordance with the requirements of the Energy Savings Improvement Programs Law, P.
purchase loans(+) related to Canaccord's ESIP and other stock plans.
Outstanding share options under the ESIP and the EMI Group plc Executive
CARROLLTON, Texas -- Varel International and ESIP Energy, SA announce the creation of a joint venture drill bit operations related company.
0 million for the decrease in unvested common share purchase loans(1) related to Canaccord's ESIP and other stock plans.
of the ESIP program during Q2/06 also contributed to the increase in expenses.
However, the increase in incentive compensation for the fiscal year 2006, is largely due to the increase in revenue, which resulted in higher payouts for the period and in the introduction of the ESIP in Q2/06.
Among the various SINCGARS features are the ESIP waveform that improves voice and data retransmission as well as digital signal processing of software upgrades for enhanced features and performance.
period a year ago, and the implementation of the ESIP during this quarter.
5% compared to the same period a year ago, and is largely due to the increase in revenue, which resulted in higher payouts for the period and the introduction of Canaccord's key employee retention program, ESIP, which was introduced at the beginning of Q2/06.
2 compliant SINCGARS ESIP Waveform for the JTRS Joint Program Office (JPO) for the various JTRS radio system clusters, beginning with Cluster 1.