ESISEuropean Chemical Substances Information System
ESISElement Structure Information Set
ESISEuropean Survey of Information Society
ESISEuropean Structural Integrity Society
ESISElectronic Standby Instrument System (aviation)
ESISEducation and School Improvement Service
ESISESA Space Information Systems
ESISEuropean Society for Industrial Security (Finland)
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That's why we have accelerated efforts to communicate this important information to our customers," says Kirsten Early, assistant vice president of Ace Global Claims at ESIS.
ESIS and Hygienetics also offer a full range of environmental consulting services.
Eventually an internal capability procedure was started, with help from ESIS observers, but this did not improve matters.
By thorough, careful and proactive risk planning and compliance, healthcare facilities managers can help keep infrastructure up-to-date while protecting their patients, staff, reputation and bottom line from future pollutant risks," said Frank Westfall, Vice President of the environmental division of ESIS Health, Safety and Environmental Services.
With ESIS paying the bill, these workers, essentially acting as snoops, keep an eye on how ESIS is managing Select Staffing's files.
At the same time ESIS ensures that LEAs are both efficient and effective in their school improvement programmes.
He is a schools adviser and inspector for ESIS, the school improvement service.
They have come to understand that planning for catastrophic events and testing their catastrophe management plans can positively impact their people, financial position, and equity with stakeholders," said Lori Brassell-Cicchini, Vice President, ESIS Catastrophe Services.
Provision, continuing airworthiness and maintenance of aircraft and their associated equipment for the benefit of training and maintenance of competence of pilots technical body of aeronautics ESIS.
66 million breach of contract and negligence verdict against Philadelphia-based ESIS Inc, in February, only to see the award reduced to $2.
Troy served as President of ESIS, a risk management services company that is part of ACE USA, headquartered in Philadelphia.