ESISCEuropean Strategic Intelligence & Security Center
ESISCEthiopian Sugar Industries Support Center
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However, ESISC refutes this, citing various reforms it audited and that have been successfully implemented, including better candidate registration procedures, better indelible inking procedures at polling stations and tougher safeguards against multiple voting.
We should note that the ESISC tried repeatedly to meet with representatives of the OSCE/ODIHR in Baku but our repeated requests remained unanswered," he said in his rebuttal.
One of the major elements which motivated members of the Polisario wishing to join the ranks of AQIM or other armed Islamist organisations has been the fact that these groups try to target the Kingdom of Morocco, the same country that the separatist propaganda has taught them to hate since their childhood," ESISC noted.
It also illustrates the complexity of the security issues of the region, where it becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish terrorists from traffickers of all varieties," ESISC added.
ESISC underlined that "for several years now, we have seen a certain interest on the part of AQIM for the Polisario Front, which has become one of the main manpower pools for recruitment by the terrorist organisation.
ESISC also stressed that the isolation and sclerosis of the leadership of the Polisario also may be seen in its increasingly aggressive attitude towards any form of challenge to its way of managing and operating.
This tendency was accentuated by the process of disintegration of the movement which accelerated over recent years, ESISC said, adding that in 2003, the European Union decided to strengthen its system of monitoring its humanitarian assistance but "encountered resistance from the Polisario to its carrying out its mission.