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There have been few case reports of ESMC of the oropharynx, masticator space, infratemporal fossa, cerebellopontine angle, orbit, chin, nasal septum, nasal cavity, buccal space, and sphenoid sinus.
ESMC is known to metastasize to lungs, bones, brain, lymph nodes, and testes.
Microscopic features of cords and lobules of neoplastic cells dispersed within a myxoid matrix are characteristic of ESMC. (9) Individual tumor cells are often round to oval with scant or moderate eosinophillic cytoplasm and pleomorphic nuclei with rhabdoid and epitheloid cells scattered at periphery.9 ESMC expresses neuroendocrine differentiation with strong immunopositivity for vimentin and synaptophysin (7) and weak or focal positivity for EMA and S-100.7 Myxoid matrix with lobulated neoplastic cells is also seen in chordoma, parachordoma, chordoid meningiomas, and myxopapillary ependymoma.
Myxoidstroma with vimentin positivity is seen in myxoid liposarcoma, but the presence of lipoblasts rules out ESMC. An eosinophillic cytoplasm is also present in myoepithelial carcinoma, but it shows positivity for panCK, SMA, and p63 apart from vimentin, S-100, and EMA.
Since no specific dosage schedule has been mentioned for nasopharyngeal ESMC, we used a dose of 66 Gy in 33 fractions given margin positivity.
The diagnosis of ESMC of nasopharynx should always be considered in patients presenting with nasal obstruction and epistaxis with a soft tissue mass on nasal endoscopy.
Since other efficient code structures with coding schemes superior to the repetition coding scheme can improve the performance further, ESMCs with repetition coding may give a lower bound on the performance.
Figures 6-8 compare the SER performances of the conventional SMC, indicated as "C-SMC" in the figures, and ESMCs for various transmission rates, [R.sub.s], that are defined as
Through the comparison in Figure 6, we can see the maximum achievable gain of ESMCs. More specifically, in Figures 7 and 8, we compare the SER performances of the conventional SMC and E-SMCs in time-varying and correlated Rayleigh MIMO channels when rates are given as [R.sub.s] = 4 bps/Hz and 8 bps/Hz, respectively.
ESMC has "about ten" yearlings lined up for the Tattersalls October yearling sale, which this year will be divided into two parts, to be held on October 7-10 and
In future, ESMC plans to offer horses at all the major British auctions.