ESMDExploration Systems Mission Directorate (NASA)
ESMDEnhanced Storage Module Device
ESMDEmbedded Storage Module Disk
ESMDe-Security Management Desk (e-Security, Inc.)
ESMDExercise Support Manning Document
ESMDElectronic Speed Measuring Device (Ohio State Highway Patrol)
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ESMD risk records provide the context for knowledge-based risks--Web-based, multi-media knowledge bundles that provide users with expert advice on risk control and mitigation strategies for specific technical risks.
The Riskapedia wiki space is intended to assist ESMD programs, projects, managers, and workers in implementing life cycle risk management practices and discipline, Riskapedia provides extensive content (tools, techniques, best practices, videos, and lessons learned) addressing the fundamental "blocking and tackling skills" of risk management: risk identification, risk assessment, and risk control and mitigation planning.
ESMD risk records illuminate top engineering management and technical issues.
The ESMD wiki environment enables horizontal communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing across the ESMD directorate.
Supply contract covering receivers upgrade monitoring ESMD owned by ANCOM (4 pieces) (CPV code: 38433300-2), consisting in providing software and hardware modules in accordance with the minimum mandatory requirements stipulated in Section 2: Specifications .
Total quantity or scope: Four (4) modules for upgrading software and hardware monitoring receivers Rohde & Schwarz ESMD (owned by ANCOM) (CPV code: 38433300-2) in accordance with the minimum mandatory requirements stipulated in Section 2: Specifications.