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ESMFEarth System Modeling Framework (UC Irvine/IBM supercomputer)
ESMFEnvironmental and Social Management Framework
ESMFEarth System Modeling Facility (University of California, Irvine)
ESMFElliott Smith Memorial Fund (Los Angeles, CA)
ESMFEndangered Species Mitigation Fund (Utah)
ESMFEleanor Steber Music Foundation (est. 1875)
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ESMF verifies ACENET follows the left and right limits of the charter and delivers a Technical Acceptance Report agreed upon by the customer, ACENET, and the O&M team (NEC/ TNOSC).
The National ESPC framework builds on the NUOPC Layer of ESMF, which sets common implementation conventions for developers, to provide improved interoperability of their code with other groups operating within these standards.
As a crude comparison, a comprehensive infrastructure package like the Earth System Modeling Framework (ESMF; Hill et al.
- "hydroelectric development" component: an environmental and social impact assessment (esia), an environmental and social management plan (esmp) and a resettlement action plan (rap), - rural electrification component: an environmental and social management framework (esmf) and a resettlement policy framework (cpr).
Tenders are invited for Interior Design Advisory Services for Permanent ESMF - RE-OPENED
Request for quotation: Interior design advisory services for permanent esmf
Tenders are invited for Filming and Video Editing for ESMF, at Seibersdorf
(FCPF amount: $1,242,000) The FCPF grant would help to further analyze and design policies and programs to tackle the drivers of deforestation by analyzing barriers to inter-sectorial coordination, conduct dialogues on the critical aspects identified related to REDD+, extensive consultation and participation of all stakeholders and the preparation of an ESMF that will provide guidance for the management of social and environmental risks during the implementation of the ENAREDD+ in Mexico, while putting in place the necessary institutional and legal framework, and the institutional arrangements to make them effective.
Tenders are invited for Himachal Pradesh Horticulture Development Project intends to hire the services of "Environmental Specialists" (5 No.) at district level, for its Project Implementation Units (PIUs) to monitor and implement the Environment & Social Management Frame Work (ESMF) under World Bank funded "Himachal Pradesh Horticulture Development Project"(HPHDP).
Tenders are invited for Independent Contractor to Construct an Equipment Storage and Maintenance Facility (ESMF).
Expression Of Interest are invited for competent and experienced National Consultant Firms/ organizations to indicate their interest in providing consultancy services for Conducting Environment Impact Assessment studies and Preparation of Environment Management Plans for the moderate to high risk activities as identified in the Environment and Social Management Frame Work (ESMF) of the Project.