ESMPEnvironmental and Social Management Plan
ESMPEuropean School of Medical Physics
ESMPECMAscript Mobile Profile
ESMPEven Simpler Management Protocol (Cisco)
ESMPElectrical Safety Management Plan
ESMPECS Schedule Management Plan
ESMPEquipment Specific Maintenance Procedures
ESMPEngine System Monitoring Processor
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In addition to passing the ESMP proposal, the board approved the Corporate Stabilization Fund Quarterly Report and the final rule on the Permissible Investment Activities on Bank Notes.
b) Consultancy services for: (i) supervision of the two civil works for the above; (ii)feasibility and detailed engineering design studies of two roads; (iii) transport and trade facilitation (iii)Road Safety; (iv)Mitigation of HIV/AIDS, STI and TB; (vii)Monitoring of ESMP implementation and baseline data collection; (viii)Consulting Services for Technical and Financial Audit (c) Compensation and resettlement
Component C will involve (i) institutional development through support to the implementation of the Renewable Energy Authority (REA); (ii) capacity building through the implementation of a Geographical Information System (GIS) in ECG S network, the financing of pre-feasibility studies and trainings, and (iii) the implementation of the ESMP.