ESMREnhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
ESMRExtracorporeal Shockwave Myocardial Revascularization
ESMREnhanced Surface Movement Radar (Terma)
ESMRExtended Specialized Mobile Radio (Nextel)
ESMREthical Society Mid Rivers (St. Louis, MO)
ESMRExpert Systems Message Router
ESMRElectrically/Electronically Scanned/ing Microwave Radiometer
ESMREngine Starter Motor Relay
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This corresponded to the temperature that induces escape metabolic rate (ESMR).
The active metabolic scope AMS was calculated according to novel methodology as the difference between the ESMR-REMR where ESMR = escape metabolic rate and REMR = resting metabolic rate (both as mg [O.sub.2] [h.sup.-1] [kg.sup.-1] ww).
Maps of the number of years of ice were introduced in a paper by Parkinson (1991) that employed the ESMR and SMMR data through 1987 for March and through 1986 for September.
TEST CELLULAR, DATA, PAGING, PCS, or SMR/ ESMR antenna systems with the Site Analyzer from Bird Electronic Corp.
SigmaOne Communications is a leading provider of analog and digital wireless location tracking systems for the cellular, PCS and ESMR industries.
Some of the providers seeking sites include Specialized Mobile Radio (SMR) or Enhanced Specialized Mobile Radio (ESMR) that provides service for vehicles and their business, paging operations, and fixed wireless services.
(47) But with the emergence of PCS and enhanced specialized mobile radio ("ESMR") competition and the emergence of six strong national networks (48) which aggressively rival each other, government regulators have declared the market to be highly competitive.
Digital wireless transmission methodology used in cellular telephone communications, ESMR, PCS and other wireless communications systems.
The FCC's E-911 ruling requires cellular, PCS, and ESMR operators to locate their subscribers within an accuracy of 125 meters by 2001.