ESMSElectrospray Mass Spectrometry
ESMSEast Side Middle School (New York, NY)
ESMSEmpire State Manufacturing Survey (New York)
ESMSEast Sussex Music Service (UK)
ESMSEuropean Society of Medical Sociology
ESMSExcelsior Springs Middle School (Missouri)
eSMSelectronic Short Message Service
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The ESMS is a 38-item scale that measures the frequency with which patients with epilepsy engage in self-management behaviors.
The Hb-glucose adduct was separated by affinity chromatography on boronate gel and quantified by ESMS.
Over the past two years, ESMS has revolutionized the way we analyze biologically significant molecules," says Mark McDowall, marketing manager at Fisons Instruments, Altrincham, UK.
ESMS analysis was performed on two different instruments capable of resolving intact Hb masses that differ by >6 Da with the aid of a deconvolution program.
GHb fractions separated by cation-exchange HPLC and by affinity chromatography were collected and analyzed by ESMS.
ESMS was recorded in the instrument mass spectrometer make/model-micromass (UK)/QUATRO II.
However, ESMS cannot differentiate between the different sites of glycation because all the glycated species that exhibit single (or double) glycation on a given chain have an identical mass.
Geared to the mid-market and business units of Fortune 1000 companies, ESMS is designed to reduce risk and increase ROI on technology investments by providing a total systems management service.
Armed with better knowledge on the implement of an ESMS, Dolma will be better equipped to take E&S aspects into account in their deal structuring.
implementation of the FIs ESMS, E&S due diligence (ESDD) undertaken and E&S performance of subprojects financed by the FI.
Combined with the ESMS (Enhanced Short Message Service) over-the-air download technology developed by Gemplus, the Phase 2+ GemXplore SIM card makes it possible to customize, update, and activate services over the air.
Combined with ESMS (Enhanced Short Message Service), OTA download technology developed by Gemplus, services can be individually tailored and updated over the air, and activated without requiring the user to locate a point-of-sale location in order to carry out the updating.