ESNCEarth Share of North Carolina
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Competitions like the ESNC provide an opportunity for the Space sector to actively seek the business entrepreneurs that will help us achieve our ambitious goal of a Au40 billion UK space sector by 2030.
Logos for TeamSurv, ESA, STFC and ESNC, and images of TeamSurv depth charts, supplied on request.
The NAVTEQ Special Topic Prize at ESNC looks to bridge the gap between location-based ideas and functional applications, while seeking the most innovative developments in the LBS market for mobile devices.
The ESNC is an international competition to stimulate idea generation, incubation and development of applications and services made possible by the European satellite navigation system Galileo.
The impressive percentage of ESNC participants who submitted their application ideas for the NAVTEQ special topic prize speaks for itself.
For more information about the ESNC, please visit http://www.
The ESNC expert judges will be individually tasked with reviewing and scoring the three applications based on the NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge final judging criteria, grading the level of commercial appeal, indispensability, innovativeness and aesthetic appeal of the demonstrated application as well as how effectively it uses NAVTEQ maps and content.
We are very excited about the opportunity to help crown an overall global CHAMPION for the NAVTEQ Global LBS Challenge and I know that the ESNC experts will take their judging task very seriously.
The three regional Grand Prize Winners from the 2009 Global LBS Challenge whom will be competing at the ESNC International Evaluation Meeting are: