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ESNEEsperanto Society of New England
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"Esne's Nonsense" is a 12-line poem rhymed in ABAB pattern, if it consists, as Lindon remarks, of "agreeably sounding nonsense," it does at least scan remarkably well.
The agreement between both parts establishes the basis with which ESNE and Indra will cooperate in programmes that help provide the technological infrastructure as well as various teaching programmes that promote the design and use of new technologies.
For various reasons, neither "Dames Pale" nor "Demi Ran" is well-suited for line-order permutation, but that is not the case with "Esne's Nonsense"; possessed of an ABAB ...
Gif him arlice esne penao, se pe agan sceal on pam siofate, hy gesunde aet ham findao witode him wiste ond blisse, cnosles unrim, care, gif se esne his hlaforde hyreo yfle, frean on fore.
Accordingly, disyllabic stems containing two light syllables (and somewhat less regularly polysyllabic stems) (e.g., merece 'smallage'), just like heavy monosyllables (e.g., esne 'servant'), uniformly point to prehistoric syllabic sequence *-iiV- (< *marikija), whereas stems containing the sequence heavy-light syllable (byroen 'burden') can be placed on a par with light monosyllabic stems (synn 'sin') and are assumed to derive from the non-syllabic form of Proto-Germanic *-iV - (<*burpinjo).
His discourse ran something as follows,--"Let's see I buried forty-seven between Esnes and the top of that hill, and seven up there; that makes fifty-four; I'll bury a hundred before night!
Just six days after her operation she returned home to her five children, Jake, 11, Esnes, seven, Cavan, five, Laigan, three, and Rylan, two, without the need for chemotherapy.
Jennifer Lopez routinely travels with a 90-minion entourage of blackamoors, mamelukes, esnes, serfs, toadies and lick-spittles.