ESNREuropean Society of Neuroradiology
ESNRElectronic Sensor Technology (stock symbol; Newbury Park, CA)
ESNREffective Signal-To-Noise Ratio
ESNREqualized Signal-to-Noise Ratio (electronics)
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In order to accurately predict the packet delivery rate, a key point is using effective SNR (ESNR) [9].
During the process ESNR evaluation is essential for each transmission.
2) ESNR based Rate Estimation: TOUSE's rate estimation method is based on theoretical MU-MIMO system scaling.
(7), the TOUSE's SINR estimation method only requires the system hardware configurations, M, number of users K and the ESNR calculated by each user.
(PINKSHEETS: ESNR), a provider of ultra-fast vapor analysers, has received a contract for seven instruments, one model 4500 and six model 4200, from Beijing Research and Development Inc.
The codewords are selected jointly to maximize the effective SNR (ESNR,[gamma]).
And then the quantized joint precoding vector of different cooperative BSs set can be constructed to maximize the ESNR. The transmission rates based on different cooperative BSs set can be derived according to (5) utilizing the joint linear precoding scheme.
Step 4: Joint quantized linear precoding vector is constructed based on ESNR maximization (6).