ESOPEEscadron de Survie Opérationnelle et de Parachutisme d'Essai (French: Operations Survival Squadron and Parachute Test)
ESOPEEuropean Symposium On Pressure Equipment
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Henryson shows himself to be a deft and literary translator as he begins his tale with an allusion to Aesop which is a literary sleight of hand: 'Esope, myne authour, makis mentioun | Of twa myis, and thay wer sisteris deir' (ll.
One example in the collection is The Fables of Esope translated out of Frensshe in to Englysshe by William Caxton, illustrated by the Scottish engraver Agnes Miller Parker.
They appear most specifically when we compare the spirit of Le Petit Chaperon rouge with a fable entitled L'Alouette et le papillon included in a piece that was fashionable in 1690, Esope a la ville by Edme Boursault, who was then all the rage.
In this lively analysis of the twelfth-century Fables, also known as the Esope, of Marie de France, Sahar Amer deploys structural, post-structural, post-colonial, and feminist theory to support her thesis that Marie's work constitutes a new kind of medieval translatio studii.
Martine Debaisieux argues that the 1668 Preface to the Fables and the 'Vie d'Esope' should be read in relation to the first fables of Book I: for example, Esope is compared to the cicada as another parasite: indeed, a 'chaine parasitaire' runs through the work.
Henryson's longest work is The Morall Fabillis of Esope the Phrygian,Compylit in Eloquent & Ornate Scottis, a version of 13 fables based mainly on John Lydgate and William Caxton and running to more than 400 seven-line stanzas.
McMahon quotes an early sixteenth-century time-table from Winchester School which requires that'a fable of Esope ...
(9) Sahar Amer, Crossing Borders: Love Between Women in Medieval French and Arabic Literatures (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008); Sahar Amer, Esope au feminin: Marie de France et la politique de l'interculturalite (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1999).