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I was also fortunate to attend the ESOR Advanced GALEN MSK Cross-sectional Imaging Course in Madrid, which was most beneficial.
Special thanks to the Radiological Society of South Africa too, for their encouragement and facilitating this opportunity through their association with ESOR. The everlasting friendships made along the way, the chance to learn some French and the intercultural experience has been most memorable.
* all activities of the European School of Radiology (ESOR) are offered exclusively to members of the ESR
2003-6 holds that "an ESOP is not established until it is adopted by an employer for the purpose of enabling its employees to participate in a more than insubstantial manner in the ownership of the employer's business and to provide its employees with more than insubstantial benefits under the ESOR" Hence, ESOPs of shell corporations do not qualify.
As shown, TF SAFE routinely worked with DCMA QARs/ administrative contracting officers (ACOs) and Logistics Civilian Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) support officers (LSOs) to hold the contracted O&M provider accountable and make the necessary repairs by tracking service order requests (SORs)/emergency service order requests (ESORs) and issuing corrective action requests (CARs).
The proposal is for a derivative instrument--a socalled "Employee Stock Option Reference Security" (ESORS)--designed to mimic the value of stock options issued to employees.
Approval of Cisco's ESORS idea straddles the spiked and wobbly fence between accountancy and politics.