ESP2External Stowage Platform 2 (NASA)
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Outfitted with a host of space station 'spare parts', the ESP2 began its two-hour road trip from SPACEHAB's Payload Processing Facility in Cape Canaveral to NASA's Kennedy Space Center where it will be loaded into a large canister with other major hardware elements destined for the orbiting outpost.
One such SPACEHAB payload on the STS-121 mission is a large storage chest, known as the deployable SHOSS Box, which will be transferred and mounted to the ESP2, previously flown onboard STS-114.
The ESP2 consists of two major components, the keel yoke assembly and the deployable pallet, the first of which will be delivered tomorrow to NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida and installed into the space shuttle.
The first group will focus on integration and installation of the ESP2 onto the ISS airlock while the second team will be responsible for utilizing any of the spare parts housed on the pallet to support ISS assembly and operations.
Willamette High School and Kalapuya High School student representative induction and reports; student performance update; revisions to policies on harassment; Budget Committee openings and time-lines; discussion of next ESP2 meeting; Friends of Bethel Schools update.
Cascade Middle School presentation; math update; first reading of Safe and Drug-Free Schools Plan; ESP2 update; adoption of revised budget calendar; Diversity and Human Rights Consortium Memorandum of Understanding re-signing; organizational chart update.