ESPBEducation Standards and Practices Board (North Dakota)
ESPBEvropski Sistem Prenosa Bodova (Serbian: European Credit Transfer System)
ESPBEndoluminal Stenosis of Proximal Bronchi (sarcoidosis)
ESPBEPEC (Enteropathogenic Escherichia Coli) Secretory Protein Gene B (microbiology)
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However, while the manuscript was with the Dalrymple family, it was known to and made use of by Robert Chambers, Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe, and other collectors, so that a few of the ballads in it made their way into ESPB by roundabout routes.
Unlike Shakespeare and John Gay, these writers -- Pamela Dean, Elizabeth Pope, Katie Letcher Lyle, and others -- typically encounter their traditional models not in everyday interpersonal socializing or in street-broadsides but in folk-revival singers' record albums and even in scholarly works, such as ESPB itself.
The symbol for the newly named company will be ESPB (OTCBB).