ESPDEuropean Single Procurement Document
ESPDEuropean Society for Pediatric Dermatology
ESPDEuropean Society for Photodermatology
ESPDEuropean Solar Physics Division (European Physical Society)
ESPDEconomic and Social Policy Division (Economic Commission for Africa; UN)
ESPDElectronic Support for Patient Decisions (US VA)
ESPDEl Segundo Police Department (California)
ESPDEnfants En Situation Particulièrement Difficile (French)
ESPDElectro-Sensitive Protective Device
ESPDEngine Shutdown Protective Device
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With this, ESPD has ramped up its international service centre capacity to one million tonne per annum.
ESPD is part of the ETA group, a Dubai-based industrial conglomerate, which includes the ETA-ASCON group of companies and the ETA-Star group of companies.
In addition to the eae gene, variants in the tir ([alpha], [beta], [gamma], and [theta]), espA ([alpha], [beta], and [gamma]), espB ([alpha], [beta], and [gamma]), and espD ([alpha], [beta], [gamma]) genes have also been described, whereas the esc and sep genes are more conserved (29,32,37,38).
In this work, we describe 4 variants ([alpha]1, [beta]1, [gamma]1, and [gamma]2) of the tir gene, 4 variants ([alpha]1, [beta]1, [beta]2, and [gamma]1) of the espA gene, 3 variants ([alpha]1, [beta]1, and [gamma]1) of the espB gene, and 3 variants ([alpha]1, [beta]1, [gamma]1) of the espD gene.
In this work, we designed and constructed an oligonucleotide microarray to detect specifically most of the known alleles of the LEE-encoded tir, eae, espA, espD, and espB genes.
PCR primers and oligonucleotide probes for the different variants of the tir, eae, espA, espD, and espB genes were designed and synthesized (after sequence alignment, by Clustal W software, from the GenBank sequences) or taken from previous works (see Tables 2 and 3 in the Data Supplement that accompanies the online version of this article at issue2).