ESPFEastern Spruce Pine Fir (tree species)
ESPFEnergy Storing Prosthetic Foot
ESPFEuropejskie Stowarzyszenie Prawno-Finansowe (Polish: European Association for Financial Law)
ESPFEqual Size Per Flow
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The Lake La Yeguada sits inside this unit, and just to the south of the lake the edge of the ESPF unit is evident in the steep drop along the road south of the town of La Yeguada.
Privatization of the water and electric utilities in the greater Buenos Aires area provides an excellent example of the ESPF strategy.
ESPFs sales volume rose 71% to cross 462,000 tonnes, as compared to 270,000 tonnes in the previous fiscal.
ESPFs remarkable turnaround has been triggered primarily by process innovations, operational excellence, low rework, expansion into new international markets, and a renewed focus on the domestic market and the value-added product range.