ESPIEuropean Space Policy Institute
ESPIElectronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry
ESPIEnvironmental Science: Processes & Impacts (international journal)
ESPIEcole Supérieure des Professions Immobilières (Paris)
ESPIElective Services Performance Indicator (health care)
ESPIEuropean Software Process Improvement
ESPIElectronic Space Products International (est. 1950; Ashland, OR)
ESPIEnergy Services Providers, Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)
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It combines an electric drilling system with ESPI for measuring surface displacements.
Get the full toolkit--the Rohde & Schwarz ESPI.
In Euro terms, the ESPI Price Index experienced some dramatic swings from 2005 to 2010 (see chart) which were mainly driven by substantial fluctuations in lumber production on the continent.
After USG&E's acquisition, ESPI will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of USG&E under the leadership of Douglas Marcille, President and Chief Executive Officer of USG&E, who will operate as President and Chief Executive Officer of the combined company.
The combination of USG&E and ESPI will create a stronger organization with more financial flexibility and capacity that will be better positioned to serve customers in both natural gas and electricity deregulated markets throughout the country.
Doug Marcille, CEO of USG&E, said, "USG&E's acquisition of ESPI creates potential for market expansion and cross-selling synergies between natural gas and electricity customers.
We are taking original painted artwork and turning it into beautiful textile designs," said Armondo Barboza, chief executive designer for ESPI Fashion Design.
Belle Femme, doing business as ESPI Fashion Design, is a company that transforms classic, hang-on-the-wall art to clothing and finished goods for the fashion industry.
European SEPG is a European Community registered trademark of the ESPI Foundation.
The company's stock trades on the NASDAQ market under the symbol ESPI.
This service is provided through the computer application called ESPI, owned by the Ministry.