ESPIEuropean Space Policy Institute
ESPIElectronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry
ESPIEnvironmental Science: Processes & Impacts (international journal)
ESPIEcole Supérieure des Professions Immobilières (Paris)
ESPIElective Services Performance Indicator (health care)
ESPIEuropean Software Process Improvement
ESPIElectronic Space Products International (est. 1950; Ashland, OR)
ESPIEnergy Services Providers, Inc. (Pittsfield, MA)
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Till I espi'd thee, fair indeed and tall, Under a Platan, yet methought less faire, Less winning soft, less amiablie milde, Then that smooth watry image; back I turnd, Thou following cryd'st aloud, Return fair EVE, Whom fli'st thou?
ESPi brings precise temperature compensated charging to the FTTh UPS world in all our battery management systems.
Latinegras face violent anti-blackness in the very same communities that pedestal white Latinas, where brown femmes like Espi are also systemically excluded from narratives.
Nomenclature CCD: Charge-coupled device DIC: Digital image correlation ESPI: Electronic Speckle Pattern Interferometry FE: Finite element FPZ: Fracture Process Zone HTGR: High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor SENB: Single-edge-notched beams U: Displacement field V: Variance array [epsilon]: Strain [[epsilon]]: Strain threshold.
The European Sawlog Price Index (ESPI), which represents nine major softwood sawlog markets in Europe, did not change much quarter-over-quarter and was [Euro]82.33/m3 in the 1Q/16, according to the latest issue of the Wood Resource Quarterly (WRQ).
For most months from May to December, the NASA ENSO Precipitation index (ESPI; Curtis and Adler 2000) was close to +2 or more, well above the +1 threshold associated with El Nino conditions.
Madam Espi stood out among the old fortune-tellers occupying rows of tables at the corners of Plaza Miranda one Sunday morning.