ESPVREnd-Systolic Pressure-Volume Relationship
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Similarly, Ees (the slope of ESPVR) was significantly decreased by TAC operation.
The slope of ESPVR (Ees) and PRSW, on the other hand, have been proposed as load-independent indexes of ventricular contractility.
- Generation of PV loops and ESPVR and EDPVR in-vivo
P-V loop derived load-dependent and -independent contractility parameters (EF and slope of ESPVR) were significantly lower in STZ-induced diabetic animals compared to nondiabetic controls, suggesting impaired systolic performance in type-1 DM.
A marked impairment of LV contractility and systolic dysfunction (decreased EF and slope of ESPVR) could be demonstrated only in type-1 DM, which was accompanied by severe nitrooxidative stress, cardiomyocyte apoptosis, and myocardial fibrosis.