ESQLEmbedded Structured Query Language
ESQLExtended Sql
ESQLEmbedded Sql
ESQLExtended Structured Query Language
ESQLEmbedded Standard Query Language
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Improved Administration -- Run-time versioning -- Increased automation -- Enhanced support for Web services -- New Transformation Capabilities -- Enhanced ESQL performance and reusability -- Java Compute Node -- Compiled Stylesheets -- Greatly Extended platform support -- ConfigMgr outside of Windows -- Linux Toolkit -- Improved performance and scalability -- Greatly simplified installation and migration -- Migrate running code without redeploy -- V5 and V6 can run concurrently -- New Nodes -- JMSInput and JMSOutput -- MQGET node -- Timer nodes -- Enhanced message parsing -- MRM-TDS performance improvement -- Compact XML parsing
Features include ODBC, SQL, and ESQL interfaces; high-speed FTP data load and unload utilities for moving information to and from StorHouse databases; and direct, row-level access to data from any StorHouse-managed device.
Experienced COBOL programmers are familiar with this technique as well as the ESQL language.
design, how to write more performance efficient ESQL, how to