ESRPSEmphasis on Scientific Reasoning and Problem Solving (teaching)
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"And while it's true that older cohorts tend to have the greatest overall ESRP account value, those assets can be harder to uproot."
operation of the proposed project." (327) ESRP 2.3.1 further
Similarly, the scope of review under ESRP 2.3.2, titled "Water
These are the options employees have regarding their employer-sponsored retirement plan (ESRP) assets when they leave one company for another.
ESRP assets typically account for the greatest percentage of one's retirement savings.
Leaving money behind in a former ESRP limits the control the person has with respect to asset allocation and future contributions.
One-third of all affluent Americans have a significant portion of investable assets "parked" in a former ESRP instead of the current employer's plan or an IRA, according to the 2007 study.
Further, of the 77% of affluent and high net worth investors who have assets in an ESRP, 44% have assets in a former employer's plan.