ESSALEndoscopic Surgery with Serial Antimicrobial Lavage
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Traitements des signes fonctionnels de la maladie hemorroidaire algae: essal multicentrique, randomise, diosmine d'hemisynthese versus association extrait de Ginko biloba heptaminol troxerutine.
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The researchers concluded, "It seems possible that the ES SAL [endoscopic surgery with serial antimicrobial lavage] program may be applicable to other disease states predisposed to chronic refractory infectious sinusitis." Nevertheless, ESSAL still involves surgery, which could be avoided if nasal lavage could alleviate symptoms on its own.
In Qalamoun mountainous region, an army unit carries out several operations in the towns of Al-Masherfeh, al-Jubbeh and Essal al-Ward where weapons and ammunitions were destroyed.
Homs, (SANA) SANA reporter said that up to 10 families of around 100 persons have returned from the Lebanese Tufail town on the Syrian-Lebanese border to Essal al-Ward and Hawsh Arab towns in Damascus countryside.