ESSAPEuropean Summer School on Agile Programming
ESSAPEnvironmental Survey and Site Assessment Program (Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education; Oak Ridge, TN)
ESSAPEngineering Student Services and Academic Programs (Texas A&M University; College Station, TX)
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Project details : It is expected to develop a Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Management Program for the Metropolitan Area of Asuncion, including indicators, procedure and methodology for reducing the NRW, strategy for sustainability of the program and a draft bidding rules to allow ESSAP tender a contract for the implementation of the NRW management program.
26, 2007) ("It can also be said the incidence of chronic general malnutrition among children living in homes without drinking water that obtain their water from a stream/lake or pumpless well was considerably higher than those with homes supplied with water by ESSAP, SENASA or a private network.