ESSBEngrossed Substitute Senate Bill (legislation)
ESSBEspace Sportif Sucy Badminton (French badminton club)
ESSBEastern Shores School Board (Quebec, Canada)
ESSBEspérance Sportive Saint-Benoit (French sports club)
ESSBEncorp Systembilt Sdn Bhd (Malaysia)
ESSBEmergency Services Superannuation Board (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
ESSBExtended Single Side Band (audio)
ESSBEmkay Share and Stock Brokers (est. 1995; Mumbai, India)
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ESSB 6050--Concerning financial assistance for local governments
ESSB 6230--Extending the state sales and use tax credit for certain public facilities districts
With the passage of ESSB 5557 we can form new partnerships with prescribers to be able to offer more services and screenings and bill insurance companies," comments Tang.
ESSB is expected to register a stressed minimum FSCR of at least 1.
Washington Legislature Tweaks MA Practice Scope--In a related development, on May 3rd of this year Governor Inslee signed ESHB 1515, which modifies the permissible scope of practice for several categories of MAs as outlined in ESSB 6237 last year.
The ESSB was also an important synchronization meeting that had a slightly different focus and audience than the JSIB.
In the same year, the governor repealed ESSB 6601 and approved portions of ESSB 6680 as "an act relating w the Performance Assessment of State Government.
The Roundtable articulated its concerns with ESSB 6023 in a letter to Governor Gregoire on April 27th.
Further, given that ESSB has fulfilled its obligations under the PA and is not required to operate the quarters, the Company is not exposed to performance or operational risks.
The provisions are part of a larger health reform package contained in ESSB 5930, entitled "Providing high quality, affordable health care to Washingtonians based on recommendations of the blue ribbon commission on health care costs and access.
ESSB is not permitted to declare or make any dividend payments during the Sukuk's tenure, except for a one-off RM92.
ESSB 6072 provided approximately $5 million statewide in its first fiscal year, primarily to begin installing retrofit emission controls on existing diesel school buses.