ESSCÉcole de Soins et Santé Communautaire (French: School of Community Health and Care; Switzerland)
ESSCEarth System Science Center (various universities)
ESSCEnvironmental Systems Science Centre
ESSCElectronic Security Specialists & Cabling (Memphis, TN)
ESSCEuropean Society for Soil Conservation
ESSCEnvironmental Science for Social Change (Philippines)
ESSCElementary and Secondary School Counseling (California)
ESSCEarth System Science Community
ESSCEnglish Springer Spaniel Club (Great Britain)
ESSCEnglish Shetland Sheepdog Club
ESSCElectronic Security Specialists (Memphis, TN)
ESSCEarth System Sciences Committee
ESSCÉtoile Sportive de Saint-Cézaire (French sports club)
ESSCEmergency State Security Court (Egypt)
ESSCEuropean Space Sciences Committee
ESSCElementary Science Support Center
ESSCEmployers' Social Security Contributions (various locations)
ESSCEducation and Skills Select Committee (UK)
ESSCEdmonton Space & Science Centre
ESSCEducation Student Service Center
ESSCErasmus Student Service Center
ESSCEnterprising Service Solutions Company (Genicom)
ESSCElectro Slag Strip Cladding
ESSCElectronics Sustainment Support Center
ESSCElectronic Stability Control Coalition
ESSCElectronic Single Support Center
ESSCElectronic Services Steering Committee (IEEE)
ESSCEnhanced Services System Certification (Sprint PCS)
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This case study focused on the implementation and impact of one particular federally-funded ESSC grant that was written with a focus on three main goals: (a) implement an assessment-based, results-driven, comprehensive school counseling program that will serve as a catalyst and model for expansion throughout the district; (b) increase the social and emotional competencies and academic achievement of all students; and (c) minimize the barriers and increase resilience for students who are at higher risk of school failure.
In November 2012 the ESSC endorsed a set of recommendations for a new round of peer reviews.
ESSC performed the test in accordance with MIL-STD-202G, Method 204D Vibration, High Frequency.
Government employees performing traditional support functions should be in no danger of jeopardizing their noncombatant status, but can the same be said for emergency-essential ESSC weapons system team members providing technical support at the frontline?
The ESSC Wembley scooped up first prize from among some 80 social media customer services.
This so-called "Sponsorship on Quality" proposed a revised version of the CoP, which was adopted by the ESSC on 28 September 2011.
This draft list is put on the Eurostat CIRCA site under the ESSC Network Group and is updated throughout the year.
ESSC specializes in design verification testing, product performance, failure analysis, life testing, and environmental stress screening.
Rocek was also Vice President Onsite Services for ESSC, responsible for all aspects of field service delivery, including integration and maintenance.
Vantive's front-office solution provides the basis for GENICOM's Enterprising Service Solutions company's (ESSC) service support system, enabling ESSC to offer industry-leading customer service.
The ESSC operating company consists of Multivendor Services and Integrated Network Services.