ESSCOEngineering Student Societies' Council of Ontario
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CardVault was the clear choice for delivering unassailable card security, remotely safeguarding and storing ESSCO's confidential customer payment information with the added bonus of Level-3 payment processing," said Nancy Lyon, Controller at ESSCO.
CardVault provides the tokenization methods and remote data retention that ESSCO needs to more easily comply with PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), which require merchants to encrypt credit card data wherever it is stored.
With CardVault, ESSCO will be able to exchange its customers' purchase transaction information with randomly generated payment "tokens," a process that safely converts real credit card account numbers into a string of characters which then become useless to would-be hackers.
To help ESSCO reduce its costs of doing business, 3Delta Systems will also apply the lowest available credit card interchange rates when customer purchase transactions are accompanied by detailed information known as Level-3 line-item data.
With CardVault, ESSCO will be able to ease its PCI security requirements through off-site retention of confidential card data while protecting against the risks associated with a data breach," said Aaron Bills, chief operating officer and founder of 3Delta Systems.
1 and 2, and wrote the computer programs that were used to generate the ESSCO series of star charts.
Casale, who is also the president of ESSCO, says that company employs about 120 people.
Both Wolf Coach and ESSCO are owned by L-3 Communications, a defense contractor based in New York City.
Hitchcock said Wolf Coach and ESSCO started looking for new homes when ESSCO's lease in Concord was not renewed.
Tenders are invited for ESSCO Model VDPS,Size 3x12 vertical suspended column pump designed for a 10ft.
Bib Cock (Steel) - ESSCO / Jaguar / ISI Marked Blanket Cover - (Cotton) S% X 7* / 6% X 7% Bleaching Powder - DCL / Kanoria Bonedust Bottom Holder Brass Name Plate