ESSDEntreprise de Services de Sécurité et de Défense (French: Corporate Security Services and Defense)
ESSDElectronic Sensors and Systems Division (Northrop Grumman)
ESSDEnvironmentally Socially Sustainable Development (World Bank)
ESSDEducation, Science, and Skills Development (Human Sciences Research Council; Pretoria, South Africa)
ESSDExcelsior Springs School District (Missouri)
ESSDExecutive Software Systems Directorate
ESSDEclipse Class Super Star Destroyer (Star Wars)
ESSDElectrostatic Sensitive Device
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The proposed ESSD, a thematic regions and networks PREM gender family group on gender gives on mainstreaming should make promoting explicit attention to gender issues.
The second is their view on the proper scope of government--the ODS supports a more limited government and the ESSD supports a more expansive government.
Finally, all datasets should be published in data journals such as Earth System Science Data (ESSD), and a YOPP special issue in ESSD is desirable.
As of March 2014, over 80 articles have been published in ESSD since its inception.