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ESSEXEastern States Student Exchange Program (Rotary International)
ESSEXExperimental Solid State Exchange
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Essex through all his brilliant years when the Queen smiled upon him stuck by his friend, for him he spent his "power, might, authority and amity" in vain.
You will read in history-books of how Essex, against the Queen's orders, left Ireland, and coming to London, burst into her presence one morning before she was dressed.
"I remember the whaleship Essex," the Ancient Mariner told Dag Daughtry.
"And of the one ship, the Essex, there is no discussion.
But on the other side, on the flat Essex side, a shapeless and desolate red edifice, a vast pile of bricks with many windows and a slate roof more inaccessible than an Alpine slope, towers over the bend in monstrous ugliness, the tallest, heaviest building for miles around, a thing like an hotel, like a mansion of flats (all to let), exiled into these fields out of a street in West Kensington.
The Earl of Essex, when he beheld them pause in their assembled force, dashed the rowels into his charger's sides, and galloped backwards and forwards to array his followers, in opposition to a band so formidable.
It was his friend of the Harwich train, the stumpy little cure of Essex whom he had warned about his brown paper parcels.
Crux-in-the-Marsh, Essex.' She wrote in a great hurry, and she is not quite certain whether she added the name of the post-town, 'Ossory.' It is of the last importance that the delivery of the letter should not be delayed.
The little steamer was already flapping her way eastward of the big crescent of shipping, and the low Essex coast was growing blue and hazy, when a Martian appeared, small and faint in the remote distance, advancing along the muddy coast from the direction of Foulness.
Toward noon one day in the midst of a beautiful valley of Essex they came upon a party of ten knights escorting two young women.
He was born about 1320 at Sible Hedingham, a village in Essex. He married Domnia, a daughter of Bernabo Visconti.
"It was an old elm-tree," answered Grandfather, "which stood near the corner of Essex Street, opposite the Boylston Market.