ESSLEuropean Severe Storms Laboratory (est. 2002)
ESSLEngineering and Scientific Subroutine Library
ESSLEarth Science Society of Libya
ESSLEducation and Social Science Library (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
ESSLEarth System Science Laboratory (University of Alabama, Huntsville; College of Engineering; Huntsville, AL)
ESSLEngineering and Scientific Sub-routine Library
ESSLEmpire State Swimming League
ESSLEthical Society of St. Louis (Missouri; est. 1886)
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Phaeophyscia rubropulchra (Degel.) Essl. Occasional at the base of Fraxinus americana (#1011), Juglans nigra (#1026, #1032), Quercus rubra (#2073) and other trees in moist, shaded habitats.
At the Essl Museum, for example, a group of paintings are mounted on sliding walls within a metal cage, as if they were in storage: They are literally behind bars.
Lambdon, P.W., Pysek, P., Basnou, C., Hejda, M., Arianoutsou, M., Essl, F., Jarosik, V., Pergl, J., Winter, M., Anastasiu, P., Andriopoulos, P., Bazos, I., Brundu, G., Celesti-Grapow, L.,Chassot, P., Delipetrou, P., Josefsson, M., Kark, S., Klotz, S., Kokkoris, Y., Kuhn, I., Marchante, H., Perglova, I., Pino, J., Vila, M., Zikos, A., Roy, D.
On the IBM SP2, we are still far from the ESSL performance on TRSM, TRMM, and SYRK, while we outperform the vendor code for SYMM and the single-precision SYR2K.
GEMM-Ratios for the IBM ESSL Library on the IBM RS/6000 250 and IBM RS/6000 530H (underlying routines ESSL and POL-DGEMV)
Crespo, Wedin & Essl. (= Melanelia disjuncta (Erichsen) Essl.)--8: ELL (BCN-Lich 17537), Rcc.
Keine Buhne mehr (No More Stage), 2007, is one of the paintings Wolf presented last winter in the group show "Austria Contemporary" at the Essl Museum-Contemporary Art in Vienna.
In each case, we employed the vendor-supplied BLAS in the ESSL and SGIMATH libraries, respectively.
Phaeophyscia hirsuta (Mereschk.) Essl.--Al: Alonso & Egea (1996); Gr: Casares & Llimona (1989).
IN THE PAST YEAR, THE BALKANS HAVE BEEN THE subject of three major group exhibitions in Europe: "In Search of Balkania" at the Neue Galerie Graz, Austria; "Blood and Honey" at Sammlung Essl Kunst der Gegenwart, Vienna; and "In the Gorges of the Balkans" at the Kunsthalle Fridericianum, Kassel.